About Us & FAQ

This site is a project by Alex Cooper and friends of alexdigital.com to show off all the fantastic WordPress themes out there.

We’re big fans of WordPress. Since around 2004 we’ve been using WordPress to help people get online without dealing with web developers and expensive bespoke projects.

101BestWordpressThemes.com has been setup to help people find the best themes without going through the masses of crap that’s out on the web.

We don’t actually get asked many questions, but if we did they’d probably be something like these:


Q: Can I submit a theme site?
A: Of course. Use the form here.

Q: Are you making money from all these links?
A: Yer. You’ll notice that some of the links are affiliate. We got bills to pay too! However we also have links to Free themes and others that don’t offer affiliate payments. We don’t chose themes because they pay, we choose themes because they’re good. The affiliate payment is a bonus really.

Q: How do you decide which themes go in?
A: All the themes need to meet certain criteria. We’re looking for good design, SEO, ease of use and support options amongst many other things.

Q: I have a question, who do I call?
A: Hit me up on Twitter.

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