10 Simple WordPress Themes

10 Simple WordPress Themes

Sometimes your just want something that looks clean and simple for your WP install. Here’s our top 10 themes that we feel have a beautiful simplicity about them.

All make use of either images and/or typography in carefully crafted simple and a clean way. And don’t worry if you’re short of cash, there’s a couple of free themes too.

1) Sharp

Lovely clean and simple theme for bloggers. Includes some space for banners and affiliate links too.
sharp1 300x166 10 Simple WordPress Themes

2) Sofa Rooster

Great name (what the hell is a Sofa Rooster anyway?) for a theme! Includes a banner and clean typography.
SOFA Rooster 300x166 10 Simple WordPress Themes

3) Viroshop

Nice an simple e-commerce theme. No plugins required!
Viroshop1 300x166 10 Simple WordPress Themes

4) Snapshot

A free simple theme for photographers to show off their work.
Snapshot1 300x174 10 Simple WordPress Themes

5) Smart Portfolio

Fantastic portfolio theme with a simple layout and clear typography.
smart portfolio 300x169 10 Simple WordPress Themes

6) WP Store

Nice and simple e-commerce site. Focusses all the attention onto your products with little to distract the visitors eyes. You can also run it without additional plugins!
WP Store 300x174 10 Simple WordPress Themes

7) Big Feature

We love this theme. One of the first added to the site. It defines the word clean.
BigFeature Just another WordPress weblog 1277821021934 300x145 10 Simple WordPress Themes

8 ) Classic Theme

Simple theme with a range of colours that allows you to create a stunning wordpress site. Includes a really nice left side jquery menu system.
Classic Theme 300x166 10 Simple WordPress Themes

9) Corporate Business

Business related theme. Nice clean layout with lots of white space – great to get your sales messages across.
Corporate Business Company 300x166 10 Simple WordPress Themes

10) Alpha

Striking theme with bold typography. You can’t fail to make an impression with this one. Even though it’s number 10 it’s one of our all time favourites!
Alpha1 300x166 10 Simple WordPress Themes


Thanks to @nicholasflood for reminding me about the awesome Thesis.

I used Thesis a while back on another blog site I was running and found it really easy to use. It also includes some really strong SEO features.

So here’s the 11th best simple theme..

11) Thesis

Included because this theme has everything covered.. SEO, Accessibility, Usability and great Support.
thesis1 300x166 10 Simple WordPress Themes

Enjoy the Themes. I bet your site looks great!

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