How to Choose the Best Business WordPress Theme

How to Choose the Best Business WordPress Theme

WP is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes to setup their business website quickly and easily without the need for expensive web development.

However when you’re buying a WP Business theme for your organisation you want to make sure it’s right, before you part with your cash.

Here’s our advice on key elements you need to check before you buy a business wordpress theme.

Is the theme Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ready?

Search Engine Optimisation, usually known as SEO is the process of making sure you website is a readable and findable as possible to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. By ranking well on the search engines, people will be able to find your site and in turn you’ll get free, relevant traffic to your site everyday. WP comes with some basic SEO functionality as it comes and is well coded with gives your the advantage over badly designed and written sites.

Some business wordpress themes take this to the next level and include extra SEO functionality, sometimes without the need for plugins.

woothemesseo 300x211 How to Choose the Best Business Wordpress Theme

The WooThemes SEO Control Panel

It’s essential that you can easily make changes to the themes page titles, meta data and other key SEO elements. If your theme doesn’t include it’s own SEO features then you should check that it’s compatible with leading plugins such as “All In One SEO” (most themes are ok) or “Headspace”

Does the theme have an Admin Panel to make it easy to Use?

Not all themes are made equal. Your going to be in the backend of your wordpress site quite a lot and you want to ensure that its going to be easy to make use of all of your new themes features. Some themes have well designed admin and posting option boxes within wordpress. These are great as it’s usually straight forward to work on your website. You also want to ensure that if possible the theme supports widgets and the wordpress 3.0 menu system. Again these two feature make customising the basics of your site really easy.

woothemesadmin 300x203 How to Choose the Best Business Wordpress Theme

Some of the WooThemes Framework Admin Options

Some themes don’t. They might require some extra technical knowledge maybe the use of lots of custom fields or other complicated plug-ins.

Is it straightforward to customise or am I going to need some help?

Your probably going to want to customise your theme to your own tastes and styles. Some themes come with a whole range of colour schemes and style sheets making it easy to make the site your own. Some Themes such as Thesis and WP-Remix literally have hundreds of different combinations making virtually unlimited layouts and styles. Your also going to want to make sure your theme has loads of Widgets. Widgets are an easy way to move things around and customise the look of a site.

widgets 300x178 How to Choose the Best Business Wordpress Theme

A Theme With Widgets. You can place whatever you want where ever you want

Does it have functionality essential for business use?

If you’re in business your probably going to want to encourage your visitors to take some kind of action on your website. This could be signing up to your mailing list of contacting your for more information (a lead).

To encourage this there are some key elements you’re probably going to need. Here’s some of I think are the most important.

  • Space for Testimonials around the site
  • Room for a clear call to action or statement
  • Contact forms
  • Clear contact details in the header such as phone number
  • Portfolio or our work pages to clearly show off your work
contactform 300x164 How to Choose the Best Business Wordpress Theme

A Theme with a Contact Form and Testimonials

Simple Google Analytics Support?

If your running your website for business then Google Analytics is an essential tool. With Google Analytics you can start to visualise how well your site is attracting visitors and what those visitors are doing when the browse your website.

Some themes make it easy to install the tracking code by providing a box you can copy and paste into it. Other themes offer even more functionality such as event tracking. You’ll also want to make setup your goals within Analytics to track conversions on your site.

analytics 300x188 How to Choose the Best Business Wordpress Theme

Google Analytics Provides Powerful Insights

Is it easy to track form entries generated with Google AdWords?
Google AdWords is a great way to generate visitors from Google without having to wait for your SEO to kick in. However to avoid wasting money you need to be able to accurately measure which parts of your Google AdWords campaign are generating your leads or conversions.

To do this you’re going to need to install the Google AdWords tracking code onto your website. It’s usually pretty straightforward however you can only do it if your forms send the visitors to a thank you page after they enter their details.

So to make your live easier, check that your forms have this functionality and use a ‘thank you’ page or allow you trigger the code on the same page, after a form completion.

adwordsconversion How to Choose the Best Business Wordpress Theme

An Example of AdWords Conversion Information

In Summary

When buying a new business wordpress theme as long as you are clear on your own requirements and how the theme will fit with your marketing messages you should be ok. Look for themes with these key features and you’ll find it easy to get your new business website up quickly and easily.

Here’s our selection of Business WordPress Themes.

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5 Responses to “How to Choose the Best Business WordPress Theme”

  1. Or just copy everyone else in the world and choose Thesis ;)

  2. Great post Alex! I appreciate how thoughtful you are with regards to seo, analytics and an admin control panel. I have used Thesis a lot, but found I really like the Small Business theme from Expand2Web much better. I wrote a post on the benefits of each one

  3. Great post, thanks for recommending it to us. I especially love the bit about Google Analytics, which is obviously paramount for any business, blog, and website in general.

    The bottom line is, all business should be on WordPress, as there is so much to offer in terms of themes, plugins, extensions, etc. The flexibility is just incredible, as we highlighted in our article, “Five Reasons to Choose WordPress for your Business Website” here:

    Keep the great content coming!

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