WordPress Hacked using a vulnerability in Timthumb.php

WordPress Hacked using a vulnerability in Timthumb.php

We got hacked yesterday. As did thousands of other websites running WordPress and the Timthumb image resizing script. We thought we’d upgraded everything in time to prevent the attack, however we obviously weren’t quick enough. I’d like to assure all our visitors that the site is now 100% clean and we’ve done everything we can to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

This website runs on the fantastic Headlines from WooThemes. All their themes run on their own framework making updating and management of the themes pretty straightforward, indeed we had updated the framework based on this blog post we spotted a few days ago. Although everything updated fine we were simply too late and the site had already been compromised.

Once we realised this we quickly went on the hunt for more information on how to fix the site and remove any malware. The best resource we found was over on the Mark Mauder blog. A must read for anyone running timthumb.php.

After a lot of looking around we discovered that the hackers had injected some weird code into the header.php of the theme that referenced googlesafebrowsing.com, a fake Google domain designed to trick you. We deleted the code but I still wasn’t 100% happy we were clean.

We then employed the services of the excellent Sucuri who within a couple of hours and detected a few more problems, cleaned them up and then uprated the security of the whole site. We’d highly recommend them if you’ve been hacked and want to get back online quickly and easily. They even notify Google that you’re clean.

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