WordPress Shop Themes

WordPress Shop Themes

WordPress Shop Themes

WordPress can make a great E-Commerce platform, provided you pick the right theme. You may or may not need an extra plugin or two to get the right functionality, however most will work fin straight out of the box. If you do need a plugin we’d suggest you take a look a Shopp or WP e-Commerce. Take a look at Specky Boys post on e-commerce plugins.

The great thing about using WordPress as your online store is that you can still use all the great blogging features of WordPress which so many dedicated e-commerce platforms lack. Most of the usual WordPress SEO plugins also work well with the e-commerce themes making it easy to optimise your products for search engines.

We’ve recently been adding some great themes to our WP E Commerce section. Here’s our latest picks:

e Commerce Themes


This Theme had to be top of this list. Packed full of features and a great looking homepage this theme will blow you away.

eStore41 1024x471 Wordpress Shop Themes

The Clothes Shop

One of Two Themes from a designer we found on Themeforest. Obviously great if your selling clothes, but could be easily used for other things.

The Clothes Shop1 1024x676 Wordpress Shop Themes

FlexSqueeze Theme

The all in one Theme to create sales pages, landing pages and squeeze pages. This theme has everything you need.

flexsqueeze 1024x480 Wordpress Shop Themes

Product Affiliator

Many affiliate marketers make money by reviewing products. This theme makes it easy to setup such a site on WordPress.

ProductAffiliator41 1024x471 Wordpress Shop Themes


As the name suggests this theme is quite good at selling ebooks. But you could use it for any digital product..

ebook1 1024x594 Wordpress Shop Themes

Storefront Original

Great looking theme to unleash the power of the WP e-commerce plugin.

originalstorefront 1024x480 Wordpress Shop Themes

Storefront Edge

Beautifully simple and perfect for specialist stores or online shops that want to portray their products in a stunning, clear, high quality way.

Storefront1 1024x480 Wordpress Shop Themes

Storefront Boutique

Great homepage this one with a really cool slider. Makes it stand out from the rest we think.

Storefront Boutique 1024x480 Wordpress Shop Themes

Storefront Instant

This theme makes fantastic use of the white space to give you a clear, crisp look which combined with product slider really makes this theme work.

Storefront Instant 1024x480 Wordpress Shop Themes

Storefront Designer

Another good looker from Storefront. As you’d expect by now, it’s great looking and easy to use.

Storefront Designer2 978x1024 Wordpress Shop Themes

Storefront Elegance

Another clean and crisp WordPress Ecommerce Theme. Include 7 different effects on the slider. Looks good as you guessed it’s from the Storefront Team.

Storefront Elegance 1024x480 Wordpress Shop Themes

WP Store

Classic clean design. Perfect for most store applications.

WP Store 1024x594 Wordpress Shop Themes


Striking and clear design. This one is quite easy to get up and running, even if you’re new to wordpress.

Viroshop 1024x567 Wordpress Shop Themes

The Jewellery Shop

Similar to the clothes shop theme mentioned above and by the same author. Still a great theme and highly recommended.

 Wordpress Shop Themes


A classic design. This theme looks like a shop probably should look. Clean, Clear and Easy to use.

storefront 1024x567 Wordpress Shop Themes

We’ll be adding more WP e commerce themes as we discover them. If you know of any good ones please let us know using our submit form.

Happy selling.. :)

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8 Responses to “WordPress Shop Themes”

  1. Thanks for hunting around for these ecommerce themes. I came to this page from your entry on Michel Fortin’s blog. As for myself, I have a creating success blog – and one way, obviously, can include having the right ecommerce wordpress site. I’m just trying to make my mind up.

  2. Good post. I still prefer Magento for my shops!

  3. Another good ecommerce theme for WordPress that wasn’t included on this page was the Market Theme.

    It’s perfect for the internet marketer who wants to avoid getting bogged down in the technical.

    Setup is quick and intuitive, so you can get your store done rapidly, and move onto the next project.

    Also, there’s an online demo you can play around with at the website.

  4. all good, especially the furniture template store, thank you can I download one of them

  5. I sure could use some help.

    I really like this theme and want to get it BUT. . .
    I can’t tell if this theme requires
    WM eCommerce. It says at the top of the page but it also says JigoSHop Plugin required.


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